PiMIO is a Multi Input- and Output-Switching-Modul for the Raspberry Pi.


What is PIMIO

PiMio is a multifunctional input- and output module for the Rapsberry Pi. Different from other common input- and output devices used for experimentation the PiMIO can be used throughout the whole household.
The multi input port allows for both AC and DC voltage between 10 V and 250 V to be processed
PiMIO includes its own voltage supply which directly supplies both itself and the Pi B+ and Pi 2.
The PiMIO fits into any common distributor as it has been gauged to standard measures.

Therefore, it fits in to any common distributors and can also be installed on cap rails.


Design your own SmartHome

PiMIO is the ideal platform for a SmartHome project with the Raspberry Pi. Create your own website to control and visualize your project.
Be constantly up-to-date about events through email notifications.
Or control outputs through a timer.
You don’t want a SmartHome? No problem, PiMIO really doesn’t care what it controls.


Technical Specifications

Mains 85 – 264 V AC 47-440 Hz | 120 – 370 V DC
Terminal (Mains) up to 2,5 mm²
Powerconsumption 3,5 W
max. Powerconsumption 5 W
Input Voltage 10 – 250 V AC / DC
max, switching Voltage 250 VAC / 220 VDC
/O Terminals up to 1,5 mm²
Ethernet 100-BASE-Ethernet-Port
Protection Class IP 20
Operating temperature 0 °C to +40 °C
Dimensions 161,6 x 62,2 x 89,7 mm
Distribution Units 9
Mounting Cap Rail


Who is behind PiMIO - the Story?

PiMIO was created by accident:
We were all sitting together for lunch shortly before Christmas 2014. One of our colleagues, Daniel, currently renovates his house and told us about his project. He wanted for his wife to be able to turn on the hallway and garage lights through her phone via the Pi. He complained, though, that all common devices are too expensive and can not process 230 V input voltage.
We thought about it for a moment and the lights went on. The solution to this problem was only two rooms along, as we were constructing a Multi-Input-Output module for Embedded System. Thus, the idea for a Pi add-on for the normal household had been born.



We offer PiMIO

  • as a single module
  • as a set which includes everything without the Pi.



Can you use audio, USB and the video port when the case is closed?
No, we have not included this feature as we assume that PiMIO will be connected to an electric supply board. For safety reasons you should only work on the PiMIO when it has been disconnected from a power supply – the board works with 230 V DC anyway.

Why PiMIO is more expensive than other switch-boards?
Most cheap switch-boards are only intended for tinkerers. They are not designed for continuous usage and as such only support small voltage inputs.

Can you use the new Raspberry Pi 2?
Yes, the PiMIO board was designed for the Raspberry Pi B+ and the new Raspberry Pi 2. Indeed the popular GPIO interface library WiringPi could cause some problems with the Raspberry Pi 2 but they should be solved shortly. For latest details check the WiringPi hompage.

Why can you not ship the PiMIO in the US?
We have constructed PiMIO to an european standard scale to keep in line with all legal european norms.
At the moment we lack the resources to test whether the current design of PiMIO also keeps to American standards. Maybe one of you knows an engineer who would like to help us get PiMIO ready for the American market.